• White 110
  • Tiles 108
  • Anthracite Black 116

Wicker Pot

When it comes to garden, one of the most suitable pots for the garden is undoubtedly the wicker pot. It is a model that will fit your garden very well thanks to its wicker appearance. You can make your gardens look more beautiful by putting any flowers in your wicker pots. Different shape and feature. White, tile color and anthracite black, including three different varieties. You can choose which color of the flower pot in your garden.

You can create a stylish situation in your garden by choosing this model in decorative products. You will be able to create the elegance you are looking for in your garden with its very practical straw pots. Your garden will now have the visual beauty you want.

HS01 209 167 3,3 30 0,094
HS02 250 200 6 40 0,172
HS03 305 235 10 20 0,140
HS04 355 270 15 10 0,138
HS05 415 310 25 10 0,218
HS06 500 375 42 10 0,290

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  • White 110
  • Tiles 108
  • Anthracite Black 116
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