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Who is Serinova?

Our company which started to produce in a small workshop in Bayrampasa, İstanbul in 1986, saw the gap in the field of “Plastic Flowerpot and specialized in this field. In 1999, Serinova Plastic Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company was established, and it was decided to continue with a new name. Our motto, slogan is the famous tradition, “One is in the red if one’s two days are equal to each other” Serinova Plastik, who has made his point on himself, constantly renewed and increased his machinery; as well as R & D studies, it has increased its product range with molds suitable for the needs of the sector.

Our company is Turkey's undisputed largest company in the manufacture of plastic pots.

Flower pots are very important in plant breeding and quality and suitable pots should be used for growing high quality plants. Our company manufactures pots of different sizes with the same volume for the use of the flower pots suitable for the form and root structure of the plants.

Serinova Plastik works to increase production without compromising on quality.

Field researches are carried out for the products that are more expensive both in terms of quality and according to the needs of the sector and as a result of the consultations made, pots suitable for the needs of the producers are produced.

Our Vision

Our company, which has started to participate in international fairs since 2012 in order to spread its success in the international arena, has increased its exports every day. From Africa to Australia, from Europe to China, new markets have been established in various countries.

Our Mission

Our goal is to export more, to exist in more countries and to be permanent, to go further every day.

How can I give an price offer?

  • Enter the info of color, height, and qunatitiy of the pots you wanted.

  • Enter your information fully in the offer form.

  • Will return you as soon as possible.