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Serinova was founded in Bayrampasa in a small workshop.

In the year of 1986, starting manufacturing in a small workshop with just a machine in Bayrampasa. Growing steadily our Firm with the sector of ornamental plant in Turkey, is intertwined with the sector and followed the path with consultation and sure steps. Improved the product range with the R&D studies, and is continuing to improve.

We have expanded our product range.

Our company is producing the flowerpot for all kinds of pot needs of our manufacturers. Our company is a company that has the largest model in Turkey in the pot as well as the wide variety of decorative pots potted production plant varieties for our manufacturers need for both indoor and outdoor enclosures.

We opened our Yalova branch.

Our company opened a branch in Yalova in 2014 in order to serve the producers more closely and quickly met the needs of our manufacturers. In addition to its leading position in the domestic market, our company has started to export its products to 56 countries in a short period of time.

We opened a new production facility in Malkara, Tekirdağ.

In order to present our expanding product range in a better way, we moved a part of its production in 2015 to Malkara's new facilities.

We moved our facility in İkitelli to Silivri - Selimpaşa.

As a result of a decision taken in August 2017, the facilities in İkitelli were moved to Silivri - Selimpaşa as they could not respond to the need. Our company, seedling growers to seedlings manufacturers; from flower producers to cut flower sellers, homes and workplaces with end-use places, it tries to serve everyone who loves green and wants to live in every aspect of their green life.

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