• Crystal 001
  • Lila 002
  • Crystal Transparent 234
  • Crystal Lilac 235

Orchid Pot

Decorative products are one of the most preferred orchid pots. You can use this kind of flower pots on the table or on the shelves. You will be able to make a modern image with a wonderful flower pot that will help you reveal the decorative side you want in your home.

The orchid pots are designed in a very simple way and are designed to look inside when you put your orchids in it. You can start to use your flower pot with a stylish design wherever you want. You can also start to reach your pots with a very solid, stylish and modern look at your orchids. You're going to like it quite a lot visually.

OR1 115 110 0,7 120 0,066
OR2 143 133 1,5 40 0,050
OR3 180 165 3 30 0,072

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