• Tiles 108
  • Green 109

Villa Balcony Pot

One of our villa models, which should be found in your villa, is the villa balcony pot. Designed for comfortable use on balconies. You can use either the tile color or the green flower pot on your balconies. You can use it on your balcony by taking a look at what you want. If you do not use the balcony, you can even use it in the garden.

Office, terrace, such as the models you want to find a combination of these will not be difficult. Because it is extremely practical to use, the views of your villa will start to become more assertive. You can find the most special models together and start using the products in the interior or outside. Villa balcony flowerpot is a stylish model that you can buy at an affordable price.

V600 210 140 165 2,75 40 0,065
V610 320 175 195 6 30 0,122
V620 520 175 195 10 20 0,129
V630 720 175 195 14 20 0,208

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  • Tiles 108
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