Hanger Tear Macrame Pot

  • Tiles 108
  • Green 109

Hanger Tear Macrame Pot

Hanger Tear Macrame Pot is a special model used to attach flowers to high areas. You can plant many favorite flowers in it. To add a different atmosphere to your surroundings, you can choose the Hanger Tear Macrame Flowerpot model. With this special model with bottom watering technique, your flowers can easily get the water they need with their roots.

The Hanger Tear Macrame Flower Pot model, which is composed of both tile and white color options, is a special model that will win your liking.

DM01 220 125 2 200 0,2
DM02 255 145 3 160 0,27
DM03 290 165 4,6 58 0,12

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  • Tiles 108
  • Green 109
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