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  • Which plants should be preferred for Big Flower Pots?

    Growing flower is one of the world’s most beatiful and peacefull hobby. We become happy and get excited when we see our plants growing which we cared so much whether in indoors or outdoors. Choosing the right flower pot for that flowers which gives us a fresh air and decorates our home, our garden, or our balcony is a topic that should be taken seriously.

    We may cause the flower/plant wither in the end if we do not choose the pot correctly for our plant. Not choosing a compatible pot with the flower may end up with that situation. In addition to that the soil and environment should be compatible to the required setting to that specific plant. We should learn when buying a flower/plant its required settings. How much light and heat it needs, Is it an outdoor or indoor flower, time and amount of irrigation/watering must be learnt when buying a plant/flower.

    One of the type of pots that are preferred most is Big Flower Pots when growing our decorative plants. You can beautify your surrounding if you learn which plants are suitable for Big Flower Pots. You must think pots as the flower’s home, and you should search for the correct plant for that pot. There are hundreds of plants that can grow in Big Pots. Some of them are: Jade Plant, Yucca Plant, Araucaria, Areca, Howea Plant, Zambia, Ficus Benjamin, Swiss Cheese Plant, Rhapis Palm and Terrarium Plants.

  • Which qualities do balcony planters require?

    There are some key points that should be cared of the art of a growing a plant which is a fun hobby and a good way of decorating our balconies. There are lots of people who lack garden, and, in that point, balcony comes to be important areas of that absence. From of old growing plants in the balcony is a continues tradition and balconies are converted to a garden-like place. The important things are, which plants you should grow, which type of pots you should use, and the type of balcony you have. While some balconies are open the others are closed. The closed ones are suitable for planting in every season of the year.

    For the open ones you should choose the right plant and pot to the environment. Generally, you can grow plants to choose the type of pot for the ornamental plants in the open balconies. More suitable to the sunny environment, open balconies are good to grow some vegetables and little fruit trees. You can choose bigger pots to bigger plants. There are some plant hangers to use them in that reason and they are all good looking. There are some other pots that fits the balcony fences and they look good too. You should consider the soil and the pot to your decision of plant.

  • Pot Choosing for Indoor and Outdoor

    Cultivating flowers is one of the important hobbies that gives people peace of mind which needs care. Flowers that decorate our garden, lounge or balconies give freshness to the environment and make a pleasant contribution to our decoration. There are many points that need to be taken care when growing a flower. For the first that comes the environment we will grow flowers. If we want the flower to grow and open nicely, we must adjust the environment to that flower. Each plant will need its own light, air, heat and humidity. Flower pots should be ed according to the environment too.

    If we want to grow plants and flowers indoors, we should choose the plants that will not need the natural habitat of its own and should choose pots that will meet their needs accordingly. To do this, we need to flower pots suitable for interiors and have a suitable water storage system and suitable for flowering. It would be correct to observe the same conditions when choosing outdoor flower pots. However, outdoor pots have different types in decorative terms. Among the preferred outdoor flower pots for the gardens, wooden models have a special place. In addition to wooden outdoor flower pots, you can examine many stylish flower pot models produced with creative ideas and make a choice according to your tastes.

  • Is the plastic flowerpot harmful to plants?

    Growing plants and flowers is a great pleasure for some people. We have a lot of factors to pay attention to while we grow our plants that we tremble with care, decorate our living space and delight us with their being. Which plant will need which environment, the temperature of the environment, the amount of light and soil ion will be one of the issues to be considered. However, one of the issues that the flower or plant breeders pay the most attention to and the question marks in their heads is whether the plastic pots they use are harmful. Which flower pot should be more preferred, plastic or clay pot? We can answer the question by sorting the differences between these two products

    . • Plastic pots that we grow plants or flowers only protect the plants in certain environments. Clay pots cause the plants to breathe and maintain plants suitable for sunny environments. Plastic pots should generally be kept inside. Plastic pots should not take as much sun as possible.

     • Clay pots protect better the roots of plants. Plastic pots left in the cold for a long time outside the risk of drying the roots are available.

     • Seaweeds can be observed on the surface of clay pots. This is not the case in plastic pots.

     • Plastic pots are not natural pots. Clay pots are more natural as well as plants' moisture and air exchange is easier to make products. We must not polish or engrave in order to preserve the naturalness of soil pots.

    • Plastic pots will heat the soil in the sun more than the clay pots. Plastic is not a good solution for plants that are sensitive to heat

  • Which type of pot should be chosen for orchid?
    The orchid is one of the plants that the ladies love, and which gives a nice smell and a stylish appearance to the place. The orchid plant, which has a high rate of cultivation among the potted plants, is very popular due to its abundant flowers. There are many species and varieties of orchids. Orchids are also known as one of the important plants that are gifted in romantic moments. Growing orchids is one of the subtle jobs. The provision of the environment that the orchid needs is important in this regard. The orchids, which usually grow in a tropical climate, are one of the plants that need moisture. It is important that the root areas receive enough air with the moisture needed by the orchid. Choosing the orchid pot should be done according to the humidity and air requirements mentioned above. It is also important to make a soil ion for the flower pot. If we are growing the orchid, we should make the choice of soil, and avoid ordinary ready-made soils. Orchid pots should be potted species where the soil can be placed in the soil to allow air to be removed. The potted species generally used in orchids growing on coarse grained soils have a transparent or transparent pattern. The orchid pots that appeal to the eye can be found in different sizes and colors. Plate pots, transparent and square pots are the most commonly used orchid pots.


  • Garden Flower pot types
    Showing your garden in a more beautiful way will be made possible by the beautiful potted types exhibiting stylish stance. It is possible to find a variety of garden potted species in order to be able to use it easily in your garden. Do you want to use a classic flower pot or do you want your garden pot to be more decorative? Easy to use, elegant and with the desired size of the pots you can see the elegant environment you want to see your garden. Garden pot types are quite diverse. You can use whatever you want, naturally, because it appeals to every taste. Garden pot types of what you say among them are flower pots, emerald pots, rowing pots. At the same time, garden potted, sapphire flower pot, daisy flowerpot, lowland balcony flowerpot, hanging sapphire macrame flowerpot, porch flowerpot, ruby ??flowerpot, orchid flower pot, villa garden flowerpot, wicker flower pots such as your garden will be able to use with peace of mind. This will make your gardens more pleasing to the eye. You'll have all of this in your possession.
    The gardens should also be very good in terms of decoration. In this way, it is possible to have a more pleasant garden. Of course, one of the most important points of this is that the pots to be suitable for the garden must be the reason for preference. It is possible to use this kind of flower pots with different style and different types of flowers. Moreover, your garden is big or small, how you want to use a flowerpot must be decided by yourself. It will be in your hands to achieve all this. Then take a look at the beautiful potted models without waiting immediately.
  • What type of flowerpot I should choose for my wall?

    The right kind of pot will make your wall look beautiful. Because you can find the chance to turn your living spaces into a more elegant environment by finding a beautiful wall flowerpot. More hanging wall pots can be used to keep your wall more fashionable and stylish. Plants in these kind of flower pots that will be hanged on the wall will give more beauty to the environment. With this way you can achieve the desired elegance on the wall even if you don't have to do much.

    Especially the question of how to choose a flower pot for my wall is one of the questions that are constantly asked. You will be able to show your environment better with the pots that will look stylish on the wall. You can choose hanging pots to make your wall more elegant. You can add elegance to your living spaces with different models and sizes of hanger models.

    Very large hangers for the wall should not be preferred. Because the wall of the hanger will not reveal a very pleasant appearance. For this reason, medium-sized or small hangers can be used. Using the wall pot models that have the desired color on your wall, it will not be very difficult to bring out the amazing decorative beauty. You can use the stylish pots of the desired size for your wall. Another important point here is that the pots are durable. It is also possible to prefer hanging plants for such wall pots.

  • Hanging Flower Pot Plants

    In our garden, balconies are now in the pots of the plant as the nurture in the last time the fashion pots hanged. Hanging pot plants help your living spaces look more decorative. Begonias, especially for hanging pots, will be one of the best alternatives. It is possible to feed bougainvillea in hanging pots. Suspended flowers reveal a pretty pleasing look to the eye. On the wall, hanging out of the balcony is important for your flower pots must be preferred to the right plants. Otherwise, if you prefer plants that are not suitable for hanging pots, you will not be able to get full efficiency with the long life of your flower. You can use hanging pot plants to contribute to the decoration of your environment with its decorative aspect.


    It is possible to use bougainvillea in hanging pots very comfortably. It is a plant suitable for flower pots. It helps to make the place look more beautiful in a visual way. We recommend the use of begonias for those who need hanging pot plants.

    Wall Vine

    It is a medium plant with a large size and leaves. One of the most ideal flower pot types for wall hanging will be hanging pots. It is easily used for pots with this feature. Your environment also exports the mobility you want to see.Hanging flower pots will stand stylish and your environment will be inviting colors to invariably plant the use of plants will be useful. In hanging pots, it is more pleasing to prefer more dangling plants.

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